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Overview of Current Active Storms

The real-time guidance system generates an individual page for each active storm in the North Atlantic, Northeast Pacific, North Central Pacific, Northwest Pacific, North Indian Ocean, South Indian Ocean, and South Pacific basins (this page may not provide any information on storms in the Mediterranean or South Atlantic basin). Each individual storm page features the latest plots of model guidance and intensity forecast aids for that storm, as well as other diagnostic and observational information.

For more information and about the real-time guidance system and the documentation for each section of the individual storm pages, click here.

  • 0631 UTC, 16 October 2017: As a result of last week's upgrade to fix the truncation of long stormnames (click here for more details), an bug was introduced that prevented the plots of INVESTS from being created. This issue has been resolved. All systems are back to normal, and at some point, the INVEST plots which didn't run may be retroactively created.

Storms active within the past 12 hours, valid for:  24 October 2017  0000 UTC
Last updated:  24 October 2017  0320 UTC

An overview map showing the locations of current, active tropical cyclones  Click for model guidance for   TWENTY-SEVEN (WP27)  Click for model guidance for LOW INVEST 93 (AL93)
   Click on a storm on the map to go to the individual page for that storm.

North Indian

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