Real-Time Guidance | INVEST 90 (WP90)

Real-time Guidance for INVEST 90 (WP90)

This page provides plots and information for INVEST 90 (WP90). The left side of this page provides TCGP-generated plots of numerical guidance and other TCGP-curated data. The right side of this page provides external links to additional information and products. Most of the model guidance displayed in the plots come from modeling centers outside of NCAR, such as NOAA, other national numerical weather prediction centers, and universities. Click here for information about who contributes to TCGP. Your use of this page is governed by the UCAR Terms of Service and this site's disclaimer. To obtain help for any item on this page, click on the question mark beside that item.

Information as of the most recent model cycle ?

At 1200 UTC, 04 January 2019, INVEST 90 (WP90) was located in the Northwest Pacific basin at 4.7°N and 173.6°E. The current intensity was 20 kt and the center was moving at 15 kt at a bearing of 340 degrees. The minimum central pressure was 1004 mb.

Plots of track guidance ?

A plot of GFS ensemble track guidance has not yet been generated for this system.

Plots of intensity guidance ?

ATCF data files ?

A data file of track and intensity forecasts is not available for this system.
A history file is not available for this system.